Why a referral incentive program?

It’s been our experience that neighbors, friends and family notice the results of our services. This usually results in CPW getting “word of mouth” sales. More unsolicited business means less money spent on sales and advertising. Our referral program is our way of not only keeping our costs down but a way of saying thanks for recommending our company.

What we do

When we get any additional work * as a result of your referral we will provide additional cleaning services at your home or if you choose we will send you a gift certificate for pressure washing that you can use later or give to a family member or friend. If you are not interested in additional services, we can send you a gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant near you

What you do

When you recommend us to a friend, co-worker or family member….make sure you tell them to mention your name or address as the reason they called us. We typically hand deliver these 1-2 times per month after the work is completed.

* This does not include your nearby neighbors…we typically drop off cards and flyer’s to the homes surrounding a completed job. We are looking for referrals in new neighborhoods and streets in the Cin-Day area.


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