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 * Is your services expensive?

Expense is relative to value. You could hire a person from an online classified who just bought a pressure washer, has no insurance or experience and will use pressures that are damaging to your home. A simple high pressure power wash of your home will not clean it and will not remove the cause (see soft wash) and in less than a year the dirt and algae will return. a full house wash for a typical two story home runs between $250 and $350 depending on several factors

* What’s causing my roof stains?

The black stains you see on your roof are caused by a Gloeocapsa Magma which is a blue-green algae (a species of cyanobacteria). The black stains on your shingles. Gloeocapsa Magma produces a dark sheath or shell to protect itself from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. It feeds on the limestone fillers that were added to the fiberglass based shingles to add weight. In order to remove the black stain (shell) you need to kill the algae. There are several gimmick cleaners being sold to homeowners that simply soften the algae requiring a pressure washer to blast them off the shingle. Besides being extremely damaging to your shingles, this method does not actually kill the algae, allowing it to return in a short time. There is only one method approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) to clean the black stains. Never allow a contractor to pressure wash your shingles.

* What is a vinyl siding Soft Wash?

Twenty years ago, most homes were brick or sided with aluminum or wood and most surfaces were cleaned with high pressure. The home construction materials have changed and so has the safest, best and proper method to clean them. Most professional pressure washing contractors use what is referred to as a “Soft Wash”. This not only cleans your home better, it does not damage or inject water under your siding. Over time, your vinyl siding will accumulate a layer of oxidation. This oxidation will give your home a dull flat finish which allows it to retain moisture. The moisture will eventually lead to algae growth. High pressure washing this oxidation layer off the siding requires consistent equal pressure across every square inch of your siding. If done improperly, you will see “wanding” marks after the siding dries. In order for your vinyl siding to look as it did when it was put on your home, you need to remove the oxidation at the same time you clean the dirt and algae. Our soft wash house cleaning detergent contains a synergy of 6 special ingredients that will allow us to clean your entire home with 100-200 psi (a typical water hose is 80 psi) in less time than it would take to high pressure blast 1 side. In addition to the safer and quicker aspect of a soft wash, it will be cleaner since our detergent flows into every crevice.